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About Empowered Web Design

The Health & Wellness Industries Leading Website Expert

Creating websites that egage clients is what really makes me tick.
Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about the road that led me to be the health & wellness industries leading website expert, working on websites that increase sales all around the world.

How my career building beautiful websites for Health & Wellness Companies began...

I believe that the process of empowerment is a whole journey, and mine started years ago in the British Army. As a young man searching for a path to follow and willing to get out of my comfort zone to become a more developed version of myself, I choose to join the military. I wanted to gain life experience, push my boundaries and work with people from all around the world who held themselves to the highest standards in whatever they do. In the army, I spent the majority of my time developing professional systems that kept the army moving in operations like Afghanistan. Later, I started to learn web design, and this was the point when my path took a different direction.

I found a new calling that led me on to a different path

As I got deeper and deeper into the creative world of websites, I quickly realized that it is what inspires me the most. It instantly became a passion that kept me going and brought new targets and purposes into my life. Serving in the Corps of Royal Engineers in the British Army for 12 years has taught me a lot, but most importantly, it helped me become a communication expert which is key in what I do today. Learning how to communicate efficiently, I managed to transmit messages the way they provided the desired result. This experience helps me a lot these days when raising awareness and catching the attention of people is one of the most challenging parts of online marketing

Web Design became my outlet for expressing my natural gifts

I had the chance to learn how to build strategies, I gained knowledge in psychology, and took my communication skills to a level I never thought that I could. And for the benefit of business owners and service providers, who want to make a strong online presence, I don’t hesitate to apply these skills to my websites.
Setting goals and being target-oriented has always been a top priority in the forces and I believe that it is the same in the world of web design. Without goals, there is no purpose or results, so as the first step, I always define the goals and then design the website using these goals as an anchor point.

Meet Dean Holt

Founder & CEO
If your goal is to make an excellent first impression, building trust and creating more sales from your websites, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

“At the bottom of everything is self-belief, honesty and discipline. I create a positive high energy environment for my team and my clients to provide a great end product and all round healthy relationships.”

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